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Grey's Anatomy: B-TeamEmmy-nominated short form series, directed by Sarah Drew, written by me (2018)

We're Fine web series: created by Samantha Lee, co-directed by me (2019)


A group of TV writers have united to combat stereotypes in TV shows: about TTIE, by Entertainment Partners (2022)

- a reminder: for the Alphabet Hour RES/VOLUTIONS collection (2021)

Get Out You: for the Alphabet Hour WITCHING HOUR collection (2020)

Y'all Means All: for the Alphabet Hour PRIDE collection (2020)

- VTV Lockdown: weekly variety show for my alma mater (2020-2021)

- Pride alphabet series: some fun/educational Twitter stuff (2019)

Ben & Barbara's X-Treme Penny Can!Cougar Town contest submission (2012)

The Victorious Mansour: student documentary (2011)

My Graduation "Photo": just because (2011)


Perversery Rhymes: 21st Century American Mother Goose: written by my dad, illustrated by my cousin, edited by me


- Sassy Badger Cake Baker blog: just because

- "Start the Conversation: LGBTQ+": for Bravery Mag

- "'Grey's Anatomy' Actor Zaiver Sinnett Isn't Just a Breakout Star -- He Wants to Change TV": for

- "An Ode to April and Arizona": for


- "How to date a carnivore": with BBC's The Food Chain podcast

- "TV Writers Advocating for Authentic Stories": with the Interspectional podcast

- "FREAKS & GEEKS: 'We've Got Spirit' with Barbara Friend": with the Podcast Like It's 1999 podcast

- "85: The 1999 Women's World Cup with Barbara Friend": with the Podcast Like It's 1999 podcast

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