y'all means all: i love houston. a lot. from the alphabet hour "pride" collection.

pride 2019 alphabet videos: you think you know what lgbtq+ stands for? think again.

gay reviews: i just review things and tell you how gay they are. v helpful information.

the victorious mansour: a doc about a young wwe-style wrestler. it won the audience award. my parents were in the audience.

my graduation "photo": i didn't want to take college graduation photos, so i made this instead.

houston to los angeles: moved to la. shot some stuff. put some music under it. movie magic.

ben & barbara's xtreme penny can: made it for a cougar town fan contest. lost the contest but ended up on tv anyway.

how to watch private practice: this is so dumb.

animals eating: made with found materials in the public domain archive. found and funny.

texcat art show: it's a bunch of art about cats and texas and classmates. you had to be there.